2 most SEXiest untold places in the Internet.

So, let me start writing again! This has been under my radar for several days now. It keeps on annoying me every time I look at it. Let me share my views.

In India you can sell anything with just a Sharukh khan’s photo on it. If it doesn’t work, how about nude girls? And with Idea’s brainless IIN advertisement going around the corner, its highly impossible to watch the television.

Your next point of escape from the reality would be Facebook but wait! You know it. The IIN’s identical twins are already there in Facebook which shares same insane brainless one liners, they call it as comedy!. Shares the same post on their page copied from a much popular American and UK blogs which Indian’s are not aware.

Did you guess the page yet?

OK. Last clues. One rhymes with Poop, another rhymes with Dick.
Yup! That’s correct. Scoopwhoop and Storypick.

People!! wake up. Don’t waste your time by clicking on “24 reasons which will help your love life”, “15 reasons for successful Date”, “23 reasons to know if your bae is mad at you”. Trust me, If you are ugly. “you are ugly”. That’s it. Even 1000 reasons wont help you.  These are just a pathetic titles to gather dumb audience and get more page hits. Just think about it, If they really want to share the things with you, why din’t they put it in their Facebook status instead of sharing the link on their page?

And here comes second kind of posts “what she did in the end is totally unpredictable”, “what happens next is mind blowing” at the end of the post you always predict what will happen just like each and every fucking Bollywood movie and you also realize that you have already wasted 2 minutes of your boring life 213 times already.

As a responsible citizen of India (I pay my Taxes OK.) and also a internet activist I started an initiative to open each and every post they put and copy the contents from the page (like 13 reasons, 6 reasons) and paste it in the comment of these posts. So that others don’t waste their time opening the page and making fool of themselves. Whenever someone sees the post they just need to read the comment. Thats all.

“see? what and all we do for our loved ones”.

This was going well for few days. Also got a huge response from anonymous Facebook members.  Some of them started scolding and humiliating because I am a boy, that explains a lot in a  social networking site. (If you can be anything, Always be a girl in Facebook).

And just like all good things comes to an end. Scoopwhoop people just blocked me from commenting. And I became a silent guardian. A watchful protector for their stupid posts (batman music plays in the background). until one day…

*Several hundred hours later*

All the previous things did not grind my gears. But you know what really grind my gears? Its the sexist posts and a very bad way of attracting the audience. Internet is already aware that (only) Indian men are horny. If you don’t agree..  Chapter1: “9Chat” start from here . The so called entertainment blogs are not new to the internet. They know the strength and weakness of every audience. Just looking at every day pattern with scoopwhoop I wanted to share you the posts they did during the night hours. This will tell you that the sun is not the only thing that goes down at night even the standards of this page.

Posted at around 11.30 PM. The content of the post is completely different form the image picked to advertise it.

Talking about Feminism? Find the exposing picture of same women and use it for catch the audience.


Find the post which has something to do with Sex in it  and use it in the picture to attract Indian audience.


Some times all it takes is 18 random men from 18 random part of the world to put up a post which has a word “sex” in it.


And This is how you attract audience. Even though the content of the news is just 3 screenshots.


“Horrific list of torture methods” – ok. Let me use a naked man in a bondage.


IRONY! at its peak.


Wait! This reminds me of “This is how we deal with the creeps” post they just did. and This is how the creeps are born.


Yes! Please Show us.


A “Queen’s Vagina” in the post is all it needs to attract everyone.


So these are only a few posts I picked it up from last 2 – 3 days. This pattern is going for very very long time. All these posts are made after 8PM. The quality of these sites are as close to any other desi porn sites unlike this desi porn sites wont disappoint us.

I don’t know what does the author of these blogs think about the Indian readers (of course ‘sab ke sab choothye hein saale‘)?  are we so cheap mentality people? and this is the same blog which talks about anti-rape/feminism/sexism.  The root of the problem is not these sites. The root is with in us who clicks on these stupid posts and increase their site visits which encourages them to make more and more chutya out of us. again and again.

Please don’t encourage this. Next time you see any horny posts report it to Facebook directly.  Share the news, Spread the world.

Gyaan: Being Horny is not wrong but being horny and choothya is.

**That’s All Folks**


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