Facebook’s “Kill Google” agenda

Facebook’s glistening new search engine makes finding interesting things about yourself, your past, and all of your friends excitingly easy. It also makes it a cinch to find strangers who are openly racist, sexist, and generally embarrassing. This is fun!

Nothing that wasn’t public before Graph Search will be public after Graph Search, but that doesn’t change the fact that digging up inadvertently-shared info is effortless. This is bad news for probably millions and millions of people who are going to have trouble finding jobs once the new search goes public.


FB graph
So as a personal Opinion What you can expect from Facebook’s new Search engine.
1# Cool ,Color full (BLUE) : : As people are very much attached with the Google which is white and no fancy color , Facebook     may come with its “Magical Blue” color.

2#SloOOOOoowww.. : We are not so sure of the speed at which u get the results  but pretty sure nothing can be faster than Google with fetching the results and loading the images. we can expect a very slow result fetching and loading comparative with the Google.

3#Its SOCIAL search engine:  Its a social search engine . and quite different from the google it fetches details from ur friends in facebok or any pages in the facebook in nut shell it shows what is “IN FACEBOOK” nothing outside the box.
so if ur searching for youtube videos u ‘may’ not get the expected results well you know ;)

4#Embrace yourself Facebook meme’s are on its way: of course its a new attempt by facebook we cannot expect 100% accuracy and Strict results , we assure u there will be as many bad results as possible :D :D and there are some smart people like me  (thank you !) who don’t want to loose these opportunities will bring the fun from all those results .

So are you ready here is the Link –> “LINK” <—

scroll down and click on the Join button :D :D you may get asap :)
if you have anything to say leave a comment or u can also visit our fb page and abuse on our wall :) but Do remember to like our page in Facebook for more info :)  :)


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