“STOP KONY 2012” What is it??

To all your Questions here is the answer, watch the below video [Complete]

If you have saw the above Video carefully, by now u would have come to know who is KONY and who are the Invisible children .
Now lets do our Part to spread the world .
so there are 3 simple ways u can really spread the news in the internet like a Forest Fire.

TIP 1: After your every Status update in FACEBOOK tag “#StopKONY2012″ ,
ex:”hey my exam went very well today :)

this will ultimately lead to a curious question among your FB friend to know who is he and they will also join the cause :)

TIP 2:Hope every one have a new FB profile so change your cover and download the below pic and make it as ur COVER PIC.


so that people who visit your profile will also join the cause.

TIP 3:If you are a PAGE OWNER please add #StopKONY2012 in ur Every POST :)
and suggest your FB friends too…. :)



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