Purpose is more important than need!!

He was lying in the hospital bed, trying to recollect what had just happened. His father at the right moment saved his son and admitted him to the hospital. The reason for this huge foolish decision- A GAL. He was in a confused state; he couldn’t believe he was alive. He was in a relationship with that gal for 3 years. There was no life without her.

And due to some circumstances she was threatened by her mother to get married. She couldn’t disobey her mother, broke up with him. 3 days after the breakup he couldn’t take it anymore. He was pissed with his life and thought to end it once and for all. That is when he had taken the sleeping pill and his father saved him. He was discharged from the hospital. His friends, family and relatives all tried to cheer him up but were in vain. He spent most of his time in the bar. Trying to get over her and this is where the hell struck. He fell in the hands of bad company. He was brain-washed, given wrong information to take revenge. His conscience destroyed, he was made to believe the lies of life. His positive side shattered. He was turned into a terrorist. He left his family and went on the journey of finding revenge to all those who had spoken ill about him. In the last 10 years he had turned into the most wanted terrorist in India. His anger on girl still burning in him. The desire to kill her and her mother Burned along. He dint want to rush, he had made plans. It was New Year eve, many had gathered around Bangalore, the IT capital of India to celebrate. He had chosen that place because the gal was present there, enjoying with her Husband and child the new beginning to the year. He was watching her from the roof-top of the hotel. He had enough of the enjoyment and wanted to see her cry, the grief of losing someone. He wanted kill her husband and child. He wanted to see her cry over the bodies. The same disappointment which had turned him into a Devil. He clicked the button in his cell with a smile on his face, gleaming with joy to see the Mass destruction he planned. Click, Nothing happened. Click, click, and click. Still nothing happened. This is when he realized that he had been caught. The Intelligence Bureau was tipped-off about the attack. They had defused the bomb when he was busy in his thoughts about her. He saw the policemen standing behind him. And took a leap of faith from the building, he came crashing to the ground. But unluckily he dint die. He lost lots of blood. He woke up to find himself admitted in the same Hospital he had been 10 years back.

He was lying in the hospital bed, thanking his stars for saving him. He felt foolish about himself. To die for a gal? He had many more things to achieve. He started to obey his parents. He became rejuvenated after that suicide incident. He was determined to show the gal and his mother that they missed a gem of a boy. He started working hard. He put all his effort day and night and started to slog it out for UPSC exam he prepared for 1 and half year. He was sitting outside the interview room. Thoughts running all over his mind. He thought about clearing the last hurdle then he’ll get more respect he had ever imagined. The interview was very good to him. The results were out. He had become an IPS officer. Though he had missed the IAS officer, he was happy to see that he served the purpose better in IPS, protecting the people from Evil. He was first posted as a Dy SP in puttur, a small town near Mangalore. After 3 years he was posted as the SP of Udupi Dist. This is where his life changed. There was a tip-off about Naxal hide-out near Hebri village. He with his specially trained team, they took down the hut in which the Naxals were hiding. In the shootout, he got injured in his left arm. But he was successful in capturing all the Naxals. He was awarded a grand ceremony in New Delhi and a Medal for his Courage was given by the President himself. After serving another 3 years in Udupi, he was transferred to Bangalore as the DIG, Indian Intelligence Agency. It was a tough period for him. They terrorists were blasting all over India, and there were no stray incident of bombing in Bangalore. But there was a tip-off that Terrorists were getting hold of Bangalore. After 2 Years it was the New Year Eve. They got a tip-off that there was a bomb planted somewhere in the hotel. All the police in the casuals checked each and every room. He along with some people reached the roof-top. With Pin-drop silence entered the roof. They saw 3 terrorists with AK-47 in the roof. He gave strict orders that he wanted all 3 alive; to find the bomb they had planted. One of the squad members made a noise. One of the terrorist swiftly turned around and shot randomly. The first Bullet pierced the right shoulders of the DIG. He was Unconscious. He woke up to find himself admitted in the same hospital 10 years back. The gal he had loved 10 years back was standing next to him. He dint bother about the gal. He asked what happened in the hotel back there. They had killed 2 other terrorist and 1 was caught alive. He told the spot where the bomb was planted. The gal was also in the same hotel on the New Year Eve. He avoided her; she could sense that and started crying. Blaming her Mother for what had happened. There was nothing to speak now, past is past. He told her to move on. That Incident gave him the pride of what he was today. That day, 10 years back in the same hospital had changed him so much.

Life is what we see and achieve. Purpose is more important than need.


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