GOOGLE 11-jan-2012

Internet search giant Google posted the year’s first Doodle by marking the 374th birth anniversary of the world famous Danish geologist, Nicolas Steno, known as the father of Geology. Steno is also known for his valuable contribution in the field of anatomy.

Today’s Doodle, which spells out the name of the search engine, appears in the form of earth strata with fossils in various bottom layers and a green crust. On clicking the Doodle, users land on the search results page for Nicolas Steno.

Born in Copenhagen to a goldsmith family, Steno left the place in 1660 to study medicine in the Netherlands. Steno’s most famous and ground-breaking work was the one he carried out on shark’s teeth raising an important question as to how can other solid objects and materials get embedded inside rocks and rock layers.

Later he concluded that all rocks and minerals were originally fluid in nature and were floating on the crust but gradually they settled down at the bottom of the sea creating horizontal layers.


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