Review : Singham

Well Well Well.. Rohit Shetty and his toys (which includes Ajay Devgan). ‘Singham’ is perfectly not a remake of its tamil version, but has the base of that story. The only thing which kept my intrest in the movie when it started is the way it was going. When you watches ‘Kempegowda’, the remake of the tamil in Kannada, you knew the storyline and the way it was to end. The hindi very is entirely different.
The same good cop, bad guy concept in a different way. Ajay Devgan must be praised for his dedication to the movie for his perfect body. The movie will make you scream, blow whistle, jump out of the seat and also see the over the top action scenes.
It has wonderful romantic songs and even the title song which comes every now and then as the background score which kinda gives you goosebumps.

Bottom Line : A masala entertainer for family and friends. Fun movie.

Ratings 3/5



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