LOST -a short story

“Where am I??” I fumbled.

This had never happened since I was born, now I am 8 years old. I had lost my brother and mother in my short evening walk. I always stick to them but today was different, I got attracted to something else, and I wandered off in its direction.
The park near our house was always full in the evening, filled with parents, children and their pets. I always made lots of friends and liked everyone to pamper me. So when I saw someone new I just wandered off and forgot that I was going outside. I kept on following, nothing had intrigued me so much since my memory could recollect. The next thing flashed me like lighting that I was LOST.
One thing was so sure that I came long way from the park and I simply couldn’t recognize the surroundings.

“What to do??” I was terrified swapping back to reality.
“My only worry is in which direction to go?? There are two chances either I am going to go further or nearer to the park.”
“Its almost getting dark and time that I take risk or else I can be a soft target for this dark night city, mom will be really worried.” The very thought sent shivers down my spines.

I was pampered a lot from the day I arrived into this house even till today. I got the best of all things toys, food and the list went on….My mom used to love me a lot, even I loved her a lot. I used to roam behind her all over the house, and just loved it when she used to pat me which I liked the most.
Always I used to wait for the noon so that I can play with my brother after he came from the school. He liked playing with me, and it was real fun to be with him. We used to play lots of games and my favorite was Frisbee. My life was always good only till the cousins came, I hated them, only for the reason they loved me more at the same time they tortured me more. The worst was Raksha, she used to strangle me and take me everywhere. And the first thing I do if she comes is ESCAPEEE!!!!

“Ok here it goes, let me start searching if I’m lucky I may end up in some known place. Anyways they will be searching me.”
I started walking, as I kept moving I tried to recognize the surroundings around me, if I had come here before. But all these things were totally new to me. I had never come here. I went to each street but most of the time ended up facing ferocious stray dogs, the next thing I would be 100M from them, it was a natural reaction.

As I walked on it was very late and the night had almost begun, I stood there astonished and froze, I hardly could believe my luck. I was staring at my brother’s favorite ice-cream parlour. I started jumping, from here I could somehow figure my way out. It was then those dogs which chased me came near me, and started barking ferociously at me. I couldn’t react what to do.
Now that I knew my route I was very happy at the same time got afraid because of these pack of dogs. I just inhaled deeply and ran with all my energy. I just recognized all the routes that came in front of me as I ran blindly. It was till I turned around the corner I saw my house I was relived at last. These dogs were still following me. I saw my brother at my entrance of my house, standing near the gate with a sad face. I understood that someone has gone in search of me.

As I neared my house I turned around and stood facing the pack of dogs. All the dogs stood silently then gathering all my energy I started barking violently. To my surprise all ran from that place, I was happy that just coz of my barking they ran but the truth was my brother was coming from behind holding a stick. I turned around and ran in the direction of my brother. He took me in his arm and started caressing me and was shouting at top of his voice “Mom, Tommy came, Tommy came…” in joy I started licking, barking and jumping around him. All the family members gathered around me. I was feeling like a celebrity after all I AM A POMERANIAN


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