For all those ‘TITANIC’ movie fans, James Cameroon is All set to release the movie again in 2012 in 3D.

Canadian film director James Cameron, who made the 1997 super hit movie Titanic, is planning to re-release the movie in 3D in April 2012. The director’s sci-fi movie Avatar, which also had a 3D release, did extremely well at the box office.

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The success of Avatar has probably inspired Cameron to plan the 3D version for Titanic, which won 11 Academy Awards. The release of the 3D version of the movie will coincide with the 100th anniversary of the ship’s sinking.

The huge ship RMS Titanic started its journey on April 10, 1912 from Southampton, England. On April 14, 1912, the ship sank after striking a massive iceberg. Cameron wants to re-create the thrilling experience of that historical incident with the help of Fox Studios.

The epic romantic movie, which was set in this disastrous background, made the lead actors Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio into overnight stars.

Rose DeWitt Bukator, one of the survivors of that tragedy, explained the whole story of sinking of the ship Titanic. She also elaborated on her romantic experiences with an artist called Jack Dawson.

It will surely be an exciting experience to watch the blockbuster movie in 3D!


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